Dr.A.ANIZ  currently working as Prof & HOD has joined the institution in 2007 right from its birth. He attained his under graduation  from Annamalai university in 2001 and his post graduation from Ragas dental college in 2006. His simplicity and out spoken characteristics makes every person feel at ease. He is Periodontal consultant for various eminent hospitals. He has his private practice for the past 13 yrs which substantiates his clinical skill. 

He is a dedicated team player and his receptive nature makes him a good leader. His non hierarchical nature gives equal opportunity for others to showcase their talents. He is a renounced speaker and has lot of research work and publications to his credit. He held eminent posts in various organization.

His future steps are there for to raise the specialty to its rightful place that it ought to be!

Dr.Hemalatha currently working as Professor has completed her under graduation from Vinayaga Mission Dental college in 2002 and post graduation from Ragas dental college in 2008 with teaching experience more then 11 years. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in SRM University. She has done much research work in periodontics and she has an ardent trust to carry on more such work in immunology, molecular biology and molecular pathology. Her credit includes an array of publication of research work in reputed national and international journals.

Dr.Laksminganthan currently working as Professor joined our Institution on 2014 and he attains both his under graduation and post graduation from annamalai university in 2006 & 2010 respectively. He is a confident , soft spoken person who believes on himself . He has lot of publications and research activities to his credit. He focuses on regenerative techniques, lasers and recent advanced surgical procedures.

Dr.Dhivakar.C.P Reader in Department of Periodontics has been associated with our institution since July 1 2013. He completed his BDS from Meenakshi university in 2009 and MDS from the same university in 2013. He is very student friendly, determined, enthusiastic and interested in learning innovative teaching methods to communicate the subject better with the students. He has also been a part of several CDEs and conferences, playing a vital role in organizing as well as delivering lectures and speeches. He is skilled in a wide range of skills required for providing periodontal therapy including regenerative surgery, implants, microsurgery, LASERS and other recent advances in his specialty.

Dr. Arvinth Vishnu is currently working as a Reader and he has his under graduation from vel’s Dental college and post graduation from Ragas dental college. The youngest staff is the most enthusiastic of all and he deals with the department’s out reach activity. He is a hard worker and his desire to learn new things has never stalled.

Dr. Divyashree, [ Reader ] under graduated from Priyadarshini Dental College and completed her post graduation from SRM Ramapuram. She joined the Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Dental Sciences very recently. Her friendly and compassionate characteristic makes every patient feel at ease.

She is a dedicated team player and aspires to progress in her dental career with a strong commitment to dedicated research. She believes that a holistic outlook is inevitable in the field of medicine, especially dentistry. Periodontology is one such field which provides the ideal platform to look at  all the aspects of the patients needs and tend to it accordingly for a longer run.

The Department of Periodontology at Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Dental Sciences was established in 2009 and is made up of young and eminent staff members who are student friendly which adds energy to the core. It houses both undergraduate and post graduate training program with well updated library and equipped with advanced surgical equipment like diode laser and implant kits with various systems. Although the department focuses on quality and precision in the standard of patient care the primary emphasis is given to ethics. The department enhances world of knowledge by strengthening their basic platform in which their advances has been built. The Department gives due respect to the curiosity and desire to explore when it comes to research rather than implementing hierarchy ideas.

Clinical skills are developed by adequate pre-clinical training and a series of mock surgeries in mannequin’s to boost their confidence before handling the patient. The students are taught until they master every advanced recent surgical procedure to combat the transformation.

Besides enhancing theoretical knowledge and practical skills we prepare the students to survive the outside world without violating the ethics which is of prime importance and the need of the hour. Last but not the least the Department holds the motto “Happy Learning” and it abides by that.



On 19th October 2023, four periodontology postgraduate students with our department head went for a field trip to Vinayaga Dental Labin Chennai.


The objective of the field trip was to get oriented to the complete digital workflow of dental prosthesis


We had a guided tour by the head, Mr. Suresh who took us through the registration process followed by the facility tour for 3 hours. The tour consisted of experiencing the latest technologies such as CAD CAM, 3D milling,3D scanners, and printers. We were allowed to have an exclusive Hands-on experience in 3D designing. During the tour, we had the privilege to jot down notes and interact with the technicians. The conduciveness of the environment at the lab helped us to learn more about product design, manufacturing, and logistics. This field visit was helpful in understanding and appreciating the laboratory aspect of the clinical side of our specialty.


The trip was successful and we believe that our objective was achieved. The learning experience was new and beneficial for all of us. We recommend this trip to our fellow students to improve their knowledge and awareness regarding the same in the future.



TTT -Trial Test Teach, mock practical test series, first of its kind in the state was conducted on 2nd and 3rd June 2023 by the department of Periodontology. Experienced Professors from various institutions were invited to be Panelists. The two day program encompassed sessions like Case presentation, Chair side viva, Pedagogy and Grand viva comprehensively replicating their final examination pattern. Students from various colleges across Tamilnadu participated in the event and benefitted.  


Published Articles – 24

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  • Immediate implant placement along with guided bone regenerationn in mandibular anterior region – a case report
  • Demineralized bone matrix and type I collagen membrane in the treatment of a 10 mm palatal infrabony defect – a case report
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  • Soft tissue laser in the treatment of granuloma gravidarum.
  • Aggerigatibacter actinomycetamcomitans – a tooth killer ?
  • Immunohistological analysis of CD1a+ langerhans cells and CD 57+ natural killer cells in healthy and diseased human gingival tissue :- a comparative study.
  • Rehabilitation of complicated crown- root fracture by invisible approach.
  • E cadherin and CD 1a expression in gingival epithelium in   periodontal health, disease and post treatment.
  • Electronic cigarettes – a boon or bane to smokers ?
  • Gingival and periodontal diseases in childhood – a review.
  • Nanotechnology – a novel strategy in periodontal regeneration?
  • Periodontal vaccine – will the dream ever come true ?
  • Probiotics : how promising are they in promoting periodontal
  • A clinical report of solitary gingival overgrowth in a young a female patient.
  • Periodontal findings in patients with Hansen s disease.
  • Piezosurgical osteotomy for harvesting intraoral block bone graft.
  • Diabetes and periodontal disease.
  • Plasma cell gingivitis: treatment with chlorpheneramine maleate.
  • Interdisciplinary approach in the management of palatogingival groove – a case series.
  • Morphometric analysis of central incisor and its association to periodontal phenotypes in indian population.
  • Clinical profiling of tooth mortality : Descriptive cross sectional study.
  • Molecular diagnostics in periodontics – a review.

CDE programs conducted

  • Guide to dental practice.
  • Clinical application of LASER.
  • Live surgical worshop on advanced regenerative techniques.
  • Clinical applications of plasma rich fibrin.

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