Animal House

The Animal House in Karpaga Vinayaga group of institutions was established in 2015 under CPCSEA, Ministry of Forest and Environment Dept. It got registered (1818/GO/Ere/S/15/CPCSEA) and license renewed on 4/12/2018. The animal house facility is available to boost the teaching, training and research facilities It was initiated for the purpose of Education and Research on small animals for Postgraduates and Staffs of the institution.

Biyearly IAEC (Institutional Animal Ethics Committee) meetings are conducted where Animal projects and Protocols are submitted by Post graduates and Staff for approval. There are both Internal and External Nominees in IAEC.  All projects are done under the supervision of our Veterinarian Dr. Chandran. N. The laboratory houses rats, mice. Each species of animals is housed carefully to avoid disease transmission and inter-species conflicts. The support staffs ensures about animal care including feeding, watering, restraining, cage cleaning, record keeping and ordering of animal feeds. The animals themselves are isolated from human habitation and guarded from dust, smoke, noise, wild rodents, insects, Birds and anything that would disturb their habitat. A high degree of hygienic conditions around the animals are maintained as per the CPCSEA guidelines The Animal House has Mice (95), Guinea pigs (5) and Rats (3) . Periodic health monitoring of the animals is carried out to monitor the health status of the animals. Veterinary care is crucial to keep the animals content and healthy. The veterinarian keeps them under daily observation and monitors any behavioral changes or signs of illness. He supervises their diet and sanitation. Although the institution has  animal house for experiments, alternative non-invasive type of research are encouraged. The dental college has a MOU with the Medical institute to utilize the facility for dental students. The students of second year are exposed to various facilities available in the animal house under the supervision of pharamacology department. The student research projects utilizing animal models have to go through proper channel for approval and utilization of the same. 

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