I Year Orientation Program



KarpagaVinayaga Institute of Dental Sciences conducts Orientation program for the newly joined First Year Undergraduates every academic year in motto to impart the knowledge attitude and practice for the students on the importance of life skills and clinical skills pertaining to dentistry. The orientation program is conducted for three consecutive days, which it includes from basic skills to professional qualities along with ethics which should be a part of the journey towards the degree. Resource persons from various Medical and Dental department are invited to proceed with skill and activity-based learning methods for the student’s welfare. The program also includes a campus tour to the medical hospital and dental hospital to be aware of the facilities and importance of them.

The orientation is given in a holistic approach by the way the students are motivated to open up their personal skills by presenting themselves in Cultural’s and Sport activities among them as Talent Hunt Show.

The sessions are scheduled with refined timings and has also included interactive phases in between them to make the students lively and it’s made sure they imbibe the concepts and morals with values.

19-9.15am1Welcome addressDean,KIDS
 9.15-9.30am2Introduction to Foundation program
& BDS course
Dr.Mahendra Raj MDS
 9.30-10.15am3History & Evolution of DentistryDr.Indra Priyadharshini.G MDS
 10.15-10.30am TEA BREAK 
 10.30-11.15am4Can Dentist Be a Surgeon??Dr.G.R.Karthikeyan MDS
 11.15-11.45am5Value & Application of Dental Practice in
Health care Sector
Dr.Visalakshi MDS
 11.45-12.15pm6Career opportunitiesDr.Karthiga MDS
 12.15-1.30PM LUNCH 
 1.30-3.30PM7MEDICAL HOSPITAL TOURDr.Nirmala MDS & Dr.Ravisankar MDS
29-9.45am8Professionalism and EthicsDr.Thirunavukarasu MDS
 9.45-10.30am9Need of Dentistry in rural areasDr.Veeramuthu MDS
 10.30-10.45am TEA BREAK 
 10.45-11.30am10Doctor-Patient RelationshipDr.Kamalakannan MDS
 11.30-12.15pm11Importance of language and communication
in healthcare practice
Dr.Bhuvaneshwari MDS
 12.15-1.30PM LUNCH 
 1.30-3.30 pm12DENTAL HOSPITAL TOURDr.Nirmala MDS & Dr.Ravisankar MDS
39 – 9.30am13Transition in Teaching – Learning ProcessDr.Arunprasad MDS
 9.30-10.00am14Stress & Depression ManagementDr.Siva Ilango  MD
 10.00-10.45 am15Time ManagementDr.Saravanan PhD
 10.45-11.00am16Scholarship and WelfareDr.Shruthi MDS
 11.00-11.30am17Disciplinary and Dress codesDr.Sunil Viswas Rao MD
 11.30-12.15pm18Mentorship Program and Introduction to First Year CoursesDr.Ravisankar MDS 
 12.15-12.30pm19Library and E learning Dr.Agisha Raajhe MDS
 12.30-1.30pm LUNCH 
 1.30-1.4519ALUMNI MEET/TALENT SHOWDr.Nirmala MDS & Dr.Ravisankar MDS

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