Oral Medicine & Radiology


Oral Medicine & Radiology


A senior academician with an avid experience of clinical, administration and academics in the field of oral medicine, diagnosis and maxillofacial radiology and general dentistry. Held various positions as dean, principal, vice-principal in several dental colleges in india.is an alumni of the prestigious government dental college chennai both BDS and MDS. Has been an active teacher to both UG and PG students. several students who have been mentored by him hold office of high profile and dignity. Is a guiding source and ocean of inspiration to many.

His field of interest is not only dentistry but also alternative medicine, acupuncture, hospital administration and informatics etc.

Qualifications are – BDS., MDS.(OMR), MD.(MA), DAC., MBA.( Hosp.Mgmt), MRSH.(UK),

Has a total experience of 3 decades and teaching experience of 26yrs till date. Has authored many publications in the national and international journals.

Has presented an original thesis of ultrasound and it’s application in TMJ disorders and dysfunctions. Was the recipient of “the best teacher award” in the yr 2012 conferred by the tn dr. Mgr medical university and felicitated by h/e the governor of Tamilnadu at raj Bhavan Chennai. Has won many accolades and awards for dutiful and meritorious services.

Has delivered many lectures as invited guest / keynote speaker at national level at several medical, dental and public forums.

Has special interest in the field of alternative medicine such as acupuncture in the cure for many challenging incurable illnesses and is a practicing acupuncturist too. Believe in self healing, pranic healing, divine touch and naturopathy. As the saying is apt ” food is medicine as like medicine is food “


An academic enthusiast who is in a continuous venture for updating himself in the field of oral medicine also in recent advances in radiology. He is in par excellence in teaching and guiding students to carry out research programmes even during their early years of dentistry. A person who believes that the field of dentistry is not only a book learned skill, but a skill that is developed by the way we interact with the patient.

Mail: sharvy79@gmail.com

Mobile : 9841338012

Academic Qualification: Vice principal , Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Dental sciences (since 2020) MDS., (oral medicine & radiology)(The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University)

National fellowship in palliative medicine (Calicut Medical College)

BDS (Annamalai University)

Teaching Merits: 11 years of teaching experience publications merits:

International-8 ; National – 10

National reviewer – Indian journal of oral medicine & radiology journal of Indian academy of oral medicine & radiology

Research merits: research guide – ICMR projects

Achievements or Awards Received:

Best Paper 2009 – India, Tamilnadu best essay award iaomr- guest speaker in various india state conference scientific

Chair-person in national conference

Field of Interest/ Expertise:

A keen interest in diagnosing and treating oral mucosal lesions; prompt in predicting and interested in updates in cbct , ct and mri.

Special interest in palliative medicine and in treating patients with terminal stage of cancer


Email: shakilasuresh100@yahoo.com

Contact Number: 9894079164

Academic qualification:   MDS Oral Medicine and Radiology

Merits and Awards:

Presented papers and posters in various national and international conferences. Completed certified course in palliative medicine

Scientific chair-person in national conference publication merits:

International – 5 ; National – 7

Research Merits;

As co – guide for PHD Dr.MGR educational and Research Institute.

Introduction: Dr K.R.Shakila is professor in department of oral medicine and radiology, Karpaga Vinayaga institute of dental sciences with a teaching experience of more than 10years. She obtained bachelors from mahatma gandhi postgraduate institute of dental sciences Pondicherry in 2001 and masters in oral medicine and

Radiology from ragas dental college in 2010 the Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University.

Dr K.R.Shakila has publications at national and international journals, and has made scientific presentations at various national and international conferences. Having done many research work in oral medicine, she has great interest in potentially malignant disorders and oncology and in updating her knowledge in CBCT, CT and MRI.

Name : Dr.Vinodhini Sudhahar


A clinician and an academician who never stops at the limits of a textbook for knowledge. She is a dedicated dentist with 16 years of clinical experience and 9 years of teaching experience who believes in a good dentist patient relationship as a holistic approach for effective delivery of dental treatment.

Above all, a good samaritan who served the tsunami hit areas of Andaman and Nicobar islands . She rendered her voluntary service in g.b. pant hospital, port blair, under the directorate of health services for a period of 2 years treating the dental problems of the islanders and the tribals who were left devasted after tsunami.

Mail Id : vinodhinisudhakar@gmail.com

Contact No: 9941760017

Educational qualification: BDS- SRM Dental College & Hospital – The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University

MDS (oral medicine & radiology) – Meenakshi Ammal Dental College & Hospital – Maher University (Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research)


Reader Department of oral medicine and radiology, Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Dental sciences

Teaching Merits : 9 years of teaching experience publication merits:

International : 15 points National : 5 points

Achievements or awards Received:

^ Best paper award in national ooo symposium, 2009 held in hyderabad.

^ Best paper award in 63rd national indian dental conference held in chennai 2010

^ Scientific chairperson in xxvii national iaomr conference, 2015 held in Hyderabad.

Name: Dr.SKS

Mail ID: dr.sks13@gmail.com

My vision is to develop education and to share the knowledge of dentistry and to continue my thrust in research area. My mission is to teach the young aspirants with special interest in oral medicine and radiology and to serve the society with my clinical expertise in providing excellent oral health

Academic Qualification:

Senior lecture , Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Dental Sciences.

MDS(oral medicine & radiology) rajah Muthiah Dental College, Annamalai university

BDS – SRM dental college & hospital – SRM university

Academic experience: 3 year

Merits and Award:

Paper presentation on bone scan IDA 2009

Best paper presentation in 23rd national conference isdr. Best e poster ida 2012

Oral medicine and radiology is a specialized branch in dentistry that deals with the first step for every patient who steps into our institution, namely detailed examination, investigations if any, diagnosis and treatment planning.it also forms a platform for interprofessional realtionship of dentistry and medicine.

“change is the only constant thing in life”. As this famous saying goes, there is a constant need to assess, review and upgrade ourselves to keep changing and adapting to the suit the future times.alternative medicine like acupuncture; tens; etc.,management is focused on areas related to neuralgias and neuropathies and certain type of pain patho genesis where the modern medicine has failed to achieve the desired results

Oral medicine & radilogy is that area of special competence on diseases of oral and surrounding structures, oral manifestation of systemic diseases and oral

And dental treatment of medically compromised patients. This course focuses on dealing with patient’s history taking, clinical examination, diagnosis, investigations, radiographic examination and medical management of lesions related to oral cavity.

Special interest activities of the department

  • Various infections related to the mouth and jaw which are under the purview of medical management are dealt by therupeutic and other medical management in the domain of the specialty of oral ..
  • Oral and jaw cancers sensitization programs
  • No tobacco sensitization/ de-addiction and tcc as part of social, environmental and biological measures undertaken in curbing the menace of oral cancer through outreach programs by the department of ..


Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology has conducted and celebrated the CDE program on PAIN & PALLIATIVE CARE on the October -9th in commemoration of World Palliative Care Day.

The CDE program by the eminent speakers from their respective fields, Palliative Care – Medicine, Anaesthesia & Dentistry was an eye opener and well received by the audience.

The Luminaries were:

  1. T. Mohana Sundaram – Pain & Palliative Care Physician, President, Tamil Nadu State Palliative Care Society
  2. G. Uma – Anesthesiologist, Professor of Anesthesiology, KIMS
  3. Daniel Raj – Dental surgeon & Palliative Care Physician, Adyar Cancer Institute (WIA)

 On the same day our Honourable M.D. Sir, Dr. Annamalai Reghupathy, M.S., MCh., (Ortho, London) inaugurated our PAIN & PALLIATIVE CARE CLINIC which is an Innovation / Best practices and first of its kind in a Dental College in India which is a feather in the cap of Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology of Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Dental Sciences.


To train the dental graduates of this institution, to acquire adequate knowledge, necessary skills, in diagnosis and nonsurgical management of pathosis arising from the jaws, oral mucosa, paraoral structures, oral manifestations of systemic diseases & management of medically compromised patients and attitudes required for carrying out all the activities appropriate to diagnosis, investigations and treatment plan.


The department aims to ingrain the following objectives in every student the primary objective is to achieve health for all & to attain a state of

Pain free patient care in an holistic manner.

  • To foster excellence in education, research, and patient care in the field of oral medicine.
  • To promote the study and dissemination of knowledge regarding the medical aspects of dentistry and serving the best interests of the
  • To promote the highest standards of care in the diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions that are not responsive to conventional dental, oral or maxillofacial surgical
  • To provide an avenue of referral for dental practitioners who have patients with severe, life-threatening medical disorders or complex diagnostic problems involving the oral and maxillofacial region that require ongoing non-surgical management.
  • To improve the quality of life of patients with medically-related oral disease.
  • To focus and educate on the latest imaging modalities and its applications in dentistry.

To have adequate knowledge about radiation health hazards safety & protection. To focus and educate on the latest imaging modalities and its applications in dentistry.

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