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Oral Medicine & Radiology


Oral Medicine & Radiology


Oral Medicine & Radiology

Prof.Dr.R.R.Mahendra Raj,

A Senior Academician with an avid experience of Clinical, Administration and Academics in the field of Oral Medicine, Diagnosis and Maxillofacial Radiology and General Dentistry.

Held Various Positions as Dean, Principal, Vice-Principal in Several Dental Colleges in India. Is an alumni of the Prestigious Government Dental College Chennai both BDS and MDS. Has been an active Teacher to both Ug and Pg students. Several students who have been mentored by him hold office of high profile and dignity. Is a guiding source and ocean of inspiration to many.

His field of interest is not only Dentistry but also Alternative Medicine, Acupuncture,Hospital Administration and Informatics etc.

Qualifications are – BDS., MDS.(OMR), MD.(MA), DAc., MBA.( Hosp.Mgmt), MRSH.(UK),

Has a total experience of 3 decades and Teaching experience of 26yrs till date.

Has Authored Many Publications in the National and International Journals.

Has presented an original thesis of Ultrasound and it’s application in TMJ disorders and dysfunctions. Was the Recipient of “The Best Teacher Award” in the yr 2012 Conferred by The Tn Dr. MGR Medical University and Felicitated by H/E The Governor of Tamilnadu at Raj Bhavan Chennai.

Has won many accolades and awards for dutiful and meritorious services.

Has delivered many lectures as Invited Guest / Keynote Speaker at National Level at several Medical, Dental and Public forums.

Has special interest in the Field of Alternative Medicine such as Acupuncture in the cure for many challenging incurable illnesses and is a practicing Acupuncturist too. Believe in Self Healing, Pranic Healing, Divine Touch and Naturopathy. As the Saying is Apt ” Food is Medicine as like Medicine is Food ” 


An academic enthusiast who is in a continuous vent venture for updating himself in the field of oral medicine also in recent advances in radiology. He is in par excellence in teaching and guiding students to carry out research programmes even during their early years of dentistry. A person who believes that the field of dentistry is not only a book learned skill, but a skill that is developed by the way we interact with the patient.

Mail: sharvy79@gmail.com

Mobile :+91-9841338012

Academic Qualification:
Vice Principal , Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Dental Sciences (Since 2020)

MDS(Oral Medicine & Radiology)(The TN Dr MGR Medical University)

National Fellowship in Palliative Medicine (Calicut Medical College)

BDS(Annamalai University)

Teaching merits:

11 Years of Teaching Experience Publications Merits.

International-8   National – 10

National Reviewer – Indian journal of Oral Medicine & Radiology journal of indian academy of Oral Medicine & Radiology research merits: research guide – ICMR projects.

Achievements or Awards Received:

Best paper 2009 – ida tamilnadu best essay award iaomr- guest speaker in various ida state conference scientific chair-person in national conference.

Field of Interest/ Expertise:

A keen interest in diagnosing and treating oral mucosal lesions; prompt in predicting and interested in updates in CBCT, CT and MRI. Special interest in palliative medicine and in treating patients with terminal stage of cancer.

Oral Medicine and Radiology is a specialized branch in dentistry that deals with the first step for every patient who steps into our institution, namely detailed examination, investigations if any, diagnosis and treatment planning.It also forms a platform for interprofessional relationship of dentistry and medicine. “Change is the only constant thing in life”.

As this famous saying goes, there is a constant need to assess, review and upgrade ourselves to keep changing and adapting to the suit the future times.Alternative Medicine like Acupuncture; TENS; etc.,management is focused on areas related to neuralgias and neuropathies and certain type of pain Patho genesis where the Modern Medicine has failed to achieve the desired results Oral Medicine & Radiology is that area of special competence on diseases of oral and surrounding structures, oral manifestation of systemic diseases and oral and dental treatment of medically compromised patients.

This course focuses on dealing with patient’s history taking, clinical examination, diagnosis, investigations, radiographic examination and medical management of lesions related to oral cavity.

  1. Symphosium on oral cancer – April 2009
  2. Basics in implant dentistry – 2013
  3. Odontogenic tumors – 2013
  4. Consious sedation in Maxillo – Facial Minor Surgery first in India
  5. Oral cancer foundation
  6. Cleft cranio facial foundation for Cleft and cranio facial anomalies

The department of oral & maxillofacial surgery is headed by Prof.Dr.Meera Thinakaran. Under her able guidance for a noble vision, following academic programmes have been implemented,

    1. Continuing maxillo-facial education programmes
    2. Live demonstration workshops
    3. Conscious sedation clinics
    4. Journal clubs and seminar presentations
    5. Clininal case presentations and discussions
    6. Inter Disciplinary departmental discussions
    7. Live surgical workshop on orthognathic surgery 2010

The Centre conducts major surgeries covering the following specialized areas:

  1. Oral cancer and other head and neck tumours
  2. Craniofacial Trauma
  3. Craniofacial Surgeries
  4. Cleft lip and Palate
  5. Orthognathic Surgery
  6. Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgeries
  7. Reconstructive Surgeries
  8. Microvascular Surgery
  9. Nitrous oxide sedation in dentistry

 The centre is well equipped with a clinical laboratory and Digital X-ray unit under one roof. Other advanced investigations like CT / MRI Scan, Doppler Ultrasound are done at attached Medical College.

• Variious Infections related to the mouth and jaw which are under the purview of Medical management are Dealt by Therupeutic and Other Medical Management in the domain of the specialty of Oral Medicine.

• Oral and Jaw Cancers Sensitization programs.

• No Tobacco Sensitization/ De-addiction and TCC as part of Social,Environmental and Biological measures undertaken in curbing the menace of Oral Cancer through outreach programs by the Department of OMDR.

• Cancer afflicted victims are given utmost care by means of co-ordinated multi specialty approach and Palliative care specialist in our department advice the terminally ill patients accordingly physically, mental, socially and spiritually to aim for a better quality life of the cancer victims through various NGO tie ups.

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